Friendship Exchange Shakai 2016 is the the first ever international event, as well as the largest event of the year, organised by the Hong Kong Kyudo Association. The Shakai aims (1) to assist in establishing international connections between kyudo practitioners;
(2) to provide a platform for the Hong Kong kyudo community in terms of direct interaction with kyudo friends across borders, and
(3) to promote kyudo among the general public of Hong Kong.

The shakai will be run in the form of group competitions. Participants come from seven countries/regions, which include Canada, Japan, mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This event has been already registered as one of the “Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong – Rediscovering Nippon” events this year organised by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.

Thanks to the S.K.H. Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School, the event is possible to be taken place at a venue that is able to accommodate six mato-s at 22 meters far. The Shakai and dinner reception provide a golden opportunity for participants to exchange kyudo knowledge, as well as to share kyudo lives from different parts of the world. The second day of the event would welcome all participating guests to have a visit at the dojo of Hong Kong.

Ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会), wish you an enjoyable Shakai.


Group photo

Words from President

Greetings to all dear guests and participants. Thank you for participating in the Friendship Exchange Shakai 2016, which is the very first time such event is organized by the Hong Kong Kyudo Association. In recent years, a rapid growth of kyudo has been seen in various Asia regions. This is not possible without the selfless effort from kyudo practitioners across regions, and the support from the International Kyudo Federation. The main purposes of the Shakai are, through the format of shakai, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between kyudo practitioners, and to provide a platform for making acquaintances.

This year, during the Asia-Oceania Kyudo Seminar, a sensei notably mentioned the concept of “mutual assistance”(助け合う)(tasukeau). Of course, it is a personal experience to face a mato as an ite (acher). But on the other hand, during taihai, inside and outside dojo, mutual assistance between kyudo practitioners is an important factor in achieving success. I hereby wish for a successful completion of the aforementioned purposes, and for the Shakai to become a platform of communication. Thank you.


Mr. Li Chak Fai, Bruce
President of the Hong Kong Kyudo Association

Words from Guest


Autumn has arrived and we feel it more with each passing day. Today, I would like to say a few congratulatory words at the opening of the Friendship Exchange Shakai organized by the Hong Kong Kyudo Association.

Thank you all very much for your understanding and cooperation on the promotion and development of Kyudo.

Moreover, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Li, President of the Hong Kong Kyudo Association, and the members of the Association for their effort in promoting Kyudo and developing various lively activities.

Overseas countries with Kyudo practices are growing year by year. This is no doubt the result of the promotion activities held by Kyudo enthusiasts worldwide.

However, it is not easy for Kyudo practitioners outside Japan to take the first step. Furthermore, there are tremendous difficulties in continuing Kyudo activities.

Under the slogan “With harmony and peace of mind; Kyudo ties together the people of the world”, we, as practitioners who aspire to master Kyudo, have a significant role in preserving the traditional spirit of Kyudo as well as endeavouring to promote it.

Through Kyudo, this Friendship Exchange Shakai is an activity which we can hope to further strengthen the connections created between people across borders.

Lastly, I would like to pray for the continued development of the Hong Kong Kyudo Association and the health of everyone.


Guest, Mr. Hiroshi Okazaki, Director of the International Kyudo Federation


Voices of Participants

「香港、カナダからの参加者とチームを組めた事がとても良かったです。」   「素晴らしい射会に参加できて本当によかったです。みなさん準備が大変だったと思います。本当にありがとうございました。次回も是非参加したいです。」


「很感謝這次受邀參加本活動。在香港這一吋難求的地方,能找到如此漂亮而且寬敞的活動地點,相信主辦單位一定是費盡心力,在這也感謝所有活動的相關人員,能讓此次活動順利順暢的畫下完美的句點,各位辛苦了!」   「认识到各位同好。」


"Extremely impressed by the execution of the event, this is so well planned, I am super impressed with the level of details that the HKKA committee has put in. This is something my associate members could learn from HKKA"   "Nice to meet many kyudokas in Asia and thanks for all arrangement in the Shakai. "

Friendship Exchange Shakai Executive Committee

Team Leader
Yeung Chun Kwan, Kelvin

Acting Team Leader
Tang Kai Cheung

Team Members
Chan Ka Man, Carman
Kar Shu Nga, Sheila
Lee Kar Tai, Phoebus
Luk Sau Man, Ashley
Tam Wing Yan, Yannes
Ting Chung Wai, Brian
Wong Chi Hang, Steven


HKKA Committee Member
Choi Tak Choy, Jason
Kwok Ho Kwong
Lam Hoi Yan, Alie
Lam Sze Man, Ivy
Li Chak Fai, Bruce
Mok Wai Ming

HKKA Member
Chan Pui Yu, Nene
Chiu Chun Man (KT)
Hui, Vivian
Ng Ka Wai, Catherine
Sze Man Fai, Terry
Tam Cheuk Man, Carmen
Wong Chun Ip, Chun
Yu Sin Long, Iris

Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong
Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School












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