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Noshakai Dec 2021
In the past year, the opening of the dojo was affected by the pandemic and the opportunity to practice at the dojo became very limited. Hopefully the pandemic will be over soon, so that practitioners can have more time to practise.
Japanese Martial Arts Exchange Day 2021 Nov 2021
The Japanese Martial Arts Exchange Day 2021 was successfully held. In 2020, the public could only watch the event online due to the pandemic, but this year, the public could once again enjoy interaction with the practitioners in person. In addition to the demonstration of kyudo techniques, the Hong Kong Kyudo Association also provided a venue for the event where organisations and the public could interact with each other.
Kyudo Introductory Activity Oct 2021
The HKKA held two experience days on 16 and 24 October. We were glad to share the joy of kyudo with the participants. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteer members of the approved dojos for their assistance in making the experience day a success. ‘Ichi-go ichi-e’, a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, is what our value is, treasuring every opportunity. With this in mind, we hope to continue to promote kyudo in the territory.
Kyudo International Video Shinsa 2021 for Mudan and Shodan Oct 2021
Kyudo practitioners pay visits all over the world for international kyudo seminars and examinations. However, due to the pandemic, it is difficult to go abroad in recent years. Thanks to the arrangement of the International Kyudo Federation, practitioners can participate in video Shinsa exams for further advancement in kyudo.
Taikai 2021 Aug 2021
Affected by the pandemic, the annual taikai, which had been suspended for a year, was finally held again this year. It was the very first time that members from Zingsi Kyudojo and Hiromu Kyudojo were invited to participate in the annual event. Even though all the kyudojos were closed during the pandemic, all participants still tried their best to practice at home to keep the excitement of the competition intact. Owing to the restrictions under the current public order, the number of participants was reduced. Nonetheless, the annual competition ended successfully with the enthusiastic participation of many staff and members.
Independent Living Women, VIU TV Interview May 2021
One of our members was interviewed by VIU TV for a programme featuring women’s lifestyles. In the episode, she shared her findings about the relationship between kyudo practise and her living. There were demonstrations of ri-sha (shooting in standing form) and kyudo trials in the programme.
Hatsushakai Mar 2021
The annual Hatsushakai is back! It is a traditional event for Japanese kyudo archers to celebrate the New Year. In view of COVID-19 pandemic, the event was divided into two sessions for the first time to limit the number of participants. Having said that, all the participants were still enthusiastic about practising at home and did well in the competitions. Thanks to the hard work of our helpers and the cooperation of the members, the inaugural event was completed with laughter.
Japanese Martial Arts Exchange Day 2021: Online event Feb 2021
We were invited to attend the Japanese Martial Arts Exchange Day 2021. Due to the pandemic, the activity was changed to online mode. However, the enthusiasm of all the practitioners who loved Japanese martial arts was unimpeded.

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