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New Archive:
Hatsushakai Feb 2018
Hatsushakai is a traditional event in dojo celebrating the New Year. The event started with performing hitote gyosha to express our gratitude to dojo. During the day, there were also three asobimato (fun targets) kinteki (golden target), fukumato (fortune target) and ogimato (paper fan target) which have left an enjoyable and distinctive experience to the members from the normal practices.
Kyudo Friend from Melbourne Feb 2018
In the blink of an eye, Raymond from Melbourne had been visiting our dojo and practiced with us for 4 months. He mentioned it was a rewarding experience here and wished to meet all of us again in Hong Kong and in Australia.
Kyudo Friend from New Zealand Jan 2018
On the first day of 2018, we are delighted to have Kingsley Tang from New Zealand and his wife at our dojo. He joined our zasha and general practice, and together we kicked off another year of kyudo journey. Isn't it great?