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Kyudo Introductory Day in June Jun 2018
In June, HKKA organized another Kyudo Introduction Day, an event aiming at promoting kyudo to the general public. Our dojo welcomed 18 kyudo enthusiasts on the day. In two hours, they learned the basics of kyudo, and experienced first-handedly the way of bow in front of a mato (target). Participants were all very passionate, and were much intrigued by the culture of kyudo.
Kyudo Promotion at Christian Alliance SC Chan Memorial School May 2018
Being invited by the Christian Alliance S. C. Chan Memorial College, HKKA members were sharing the kyudo knowledge and fun with the students at school on 28th and 29th May. Around 50 students joined the first day, enjoyed watching the zassha demostration, also doing the hands-on trial of shahou hassetsu by bare hands and gomu yumi. There were more sharings and zassha demonstration with kimono on the second day. During the two days, students were actively participating and expressed their interest in Kyudo.
The 4th International Kyudo Seminar & Special Provisional Chuo Shinsa, and the 3rd World Kyudo Taika Apr 2018
The 4th International Kyudo Seminar & the Special Provisional Chuo Shinsa and the 3rd World Kyudo Taikai were held in Tokyo Budokan and Meiji-Jingu Budojo Shiseikan Kyudojo in April 2018. There were 54 members from the Hong Kong Kyudo Association participated in the Seminar, and 18 members joined the World Kyudo Taikai. More than 200 participants from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland China joined the International B Seminar, which was leaded by Mr. Masahiro Ijima (Hanshi Hachi Dan) in Tokyo Budokan. Under the instructions from sensei during the three days, all the joined members benefited greatly. The group photo taken on the last day of the Seminar with all the sensei and HKKA members captures a wonderful memory for all of us.
Kyudo Talk at Lingnan University Apr 2018
Invited by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong and the Lingnan University, our Chairman Mr. Bruce Li, on behalf of the HKKA, held a talk about Japanese culture at the LU campus on 6 April. He introduced the history and modern development of Kyudo, some kyudo equipments as well as its related ideology and culture. It is glad to see the event received enthusiastic response from the participants.
Hatsushakai Feb 2018
Hatsushakai is a traditional event in dojo celebrating the New Year. The event started with performing hitote gyosha to express our gratitude to dojo. During the day, there were also three asobimato (fun targets) kinteki (golden target), fukumato (fortune target) and ogimato (paper fan target) which have left an enjoyable and distinctive experience to the members from the normal practices.
Kyudo Friend from Melbourne Feb 2018
In the blink of an eye, Raymond from Melbourne had been visiting our dojo and practiced with us for 4 months. He mentioned it was a rewarding experience here and wished to meet all of us again in Hong Kong and in Australia.
Kyudo Friend from New Zealand Jan 2018
On the first day of 2018, we are delighted to have Kingsley Tang from New Zealand and his wife at our dojo. He joined our zasha and general practice, and together we kicked off another year of kyudo journey. Isn't it great?