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Kyudo friend from China Apr 2017
Mr. Hou from Sichuan, China visited us in April during his stay in Hong Kong. He has an enjoyable moment in watching the zasha practice and practicing with us. During the practice, Mr. Hou also shared about the practice environment in his hometown, Chengdou.
The 6th Asia-Oceania Kyudo Seminar Apr 2017

The 6th Asia-Oceania Kyudo Seminar and Shinsa was held in New Zealand this year. It happened in an arena located at the North Shore of Auckland, which was able to accommodate a setting of three shajo. 131 kyudo practitioners from 21 regions had come to participate and, among them, 6 were from Hong Kong. There were yawatashi, instructorsí demonstration, senior-learnersí demonstration and teaching sessions in the three-day seminar. Participants were all rewarded with knowledge and valuable experience through the seminar.

Hatsushakai Feb 2017
Hatsushakai is one of the traditional events in dojo. In addition to the challenges of the three asobimato (fun targets) - ogimato (paper fan target), fukumato (fortune target), and kinteki (golden target) - which are already available last year, members competed in two teams to score the highest at the red-and-white target. All these playful games have left a distinctive footprint on members' experience apart from normal practices and competitions.