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New Archive:
Kyudo friend from Malaysia Nov 2017
In mid-Nov kyudo friend from Malaysia, Jean Tham, has visited the dojo aside from her conference trip to Hong Kong. Welcomed by her old friends here as well as some more new friends that day, she has joined us for practice and dinner.
Autumn Taikai Oct 2017
The October wind has brought us a wave of fresh and exhilarated air at the Autumn Taikai, where 21 participants took the challenges in two rounds. It is the first time izume-kyosha mode (rounds to shoot until the target is missed) was set for the final. Members have had a good time at the Taikai and the post-Taikai entertainment game.
Kyudo friend from Malaysia Sep 2017
Despite the short visit to Hong Kong, we were happy to see Mr. Hiro Ow Yong from Malaysia spent his precious time to visit our Dojo during Saturday’s Combined Session and Independent Practice Session. Apart from practice and exchange with our members, he showed special interest in observing the practice of elementary class members too.
Japanese Martial Arts Exchange Day Aug 2017
In response to the invitation by the Hong Kong Toyoma-Ryu Iaido Association, the HKKA has participated the first Japanese Martial Arts Exchange event on the 6th Aug held at the South Horizons Neighbourhood Community Centre, Ap Lei Chau. Being one of the performing groups, the HKKA has demonstrated and introduced kyudo to the audience. Other martial arts performed in the event included iaido, karate, aikijujutsu, sports chanbara. The Exchange activity has attracted around 270 public audience to attend.
Summer Taikai Jun 2017
No summer heat would let us forget the excitement of Summer Taikai. This year, 22 members have participated in competing the winner prizes in two categories. Participants and audience were most exhilarated by the Junior Category Final which enkin-kyosha, a competition in shooting to the closest to the centre of the mato (target), has to be conducted for 3 competitors who have all hit kaicyu (all-in) in the first round.
Kyudo Introductory Activity May 2017
The HKKA has held an Kyudo Introductory Activity for some alumni from the Department of Social Work of CUHK as well as some public participants. In the 2-hour session, participants were introduced basic concept and techniques of Kyudo by our mentors. They have experienced some of the ways to bow through group and individual mato-mae (in front of the target) practices. We are very happy to see that participants are enthusiastic about Kyudo and enjoyed a lot at the session.
Kyudo friend from the United Kingdom May 2017
We were glad to welcome Mr. Mathias Lanoisellé from the London Kyudo Society who has been to one of our combined practice sessions in May. Members have had fruitful exchange with him.
Kyudo friend from China Apr 2017
Mr. Hou from Sichuan, China visited us in April during his stay in Hong Kong. He has an enjoyable moment in watching the zasha practice and practicing with us. During the practice, Mr. Hou also shared about the practice environment in his hometown, Chengdou.
The 6th Asia-Oceania Kyudo Seminar Apr 2017

The 6th Asia-Oceania Kyudo Seminar and Shinsa was held in New Zealand this year. It happened in an arena located at the North Shore of Auckland, which was able to accommodate a setting of three shajo. 131 kyudo practitioners from 21 regions had come to participate and, among them, 6 were from Hong Kong. There were yawatashi, instructors’ demonstration, senior-learners’ demonstration and teaching sessions in the three-day seminar. Participants were all rewarded with knowledge and valuable experience through the seminar.

Hatsushakai Feb 2017
Hatsushakai is one of the traditional events in dojo. In addition to the challenges of the three asobimato (fun targets) - ogimato (paper fan target), fukumato (fortune target), and kinteki (golden target) - which are already available last year, members competed in two teams to score the highest at the red-and-white target. All these playful games have left a distinctive footprint on members' experience apart from normal practices and competitions.